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Independent living support Sydney

Cleaning & Declutter


​At Porchlight Supports, we offer targeted cleaning services. Living in a comfortable, clean and organised home is an important contributor to a person’s quality of life and wellbeing. Our expert cleaners are professionally-trained, highly efficient and work well with our clients 


In addition to house-cleaning, Porchlight also provides individualised declutter services. Decluttering and home-organisation can be life-changing for our clients! To live in a clear and ordered environment is often empowering and relieving, and has a range of positive implications on a person’s quality of life. 

  • Our approach to home-organisation, while thorough and efficient, is always compassionate and respectful. We understand that often people’s relationship to their possessions can be complex and challenging

  • We help our clients to establish organised and positive living environments, and to maintain lifestyles that are healthy, socially engaged and as autonomous as possible. 

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